Hardy Sandhu Loud & LIVE

19 - 29 Mar 18

12 : 00 AM- 12 : 00 AM

The voice behind soulful ‘Soch’ , notorious ‘horn blow’ & many many more songs.. no points for guessing that HARDY SANDHU is going to be LOUD & LIVE at Junkyard Cafe, Connaught Place.
Hardy Sandhu:
Born into a warrior clan of sandhu’s who are known for their tenacious fighting abilities and a never say die attitude.His journey began when his father held his little hand and took him to the cricket field.This was going to be his home for the next decade.He locked horns with the best of the best on the field. And emerged as a winner most of the time.Soon he was seen as the next big hope for indian cricket.A fatal injury ended his dream to represent the country.As they say if god takes away something from you,it means that he is just making a way for something new.The divine had showered another gift on to him,the gift of a distinct and sharp voice.Humming to the beats of folk songs at his native village,he reached his true calling.To hone his latent talent for singing he embarked on a new journey with sh.Nirmal singh “nimma”who trained him to the various nuances of classical and folk singing. Well grounded and connected to his roots hardy draws inspiration from the malwa culture for his singing.His singing is an amagamation of urban folk and contemporary punjabi.

Venue Details
Junkyard Cafe | Delhi Connaught Place, N 90 And 91, 2nd Floor, Munsilal Building,Outer Circle





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